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© 2018 by Davos Hills Resort, Sedona Global

Davos Hills Resort

〒386-2204 長野県上田市

菅平高原 1278-1186

〒386-2204 Nagano Prefecture Ueda City

Sugadaira Kogen 1278-1186


For Inquiries


Large, Beautiful Garden

Wake up to the sound chirping of birds

Feel the sun's warmth shining through the trees at noon

Then behold as it sets come evening

When the stars come out to play by night

A place to appreciate the fullness of nature, that is Davos.

Restaurant, Party Hall

Bath (Seperate for each gender)


We provide you witch cooking and eating utensils.

Please wash and return them after use.



BBQ Set Rental

BBQ Set Rental  2900円 (for up to 4 persons)

Including gas. net and coals

Please take extra caution when using fire.

We do not hold responsibility for any damage caused.

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